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We are a dream team of inventors, engineers, dog-lovers, bookworms, marketers, triathlon runners, gamers and lifelong learners. We come from more than twelve countries across four continents. We’ve worked at big companies as well as hundreds of startups around the world. We’re diverse in our interests and backgrounds; united by a passion to build great products that revolutionize how we discover and share knowledge in order to change how the world learns.

Our Declara offices in sunny Palo Alto, California consists of 2 airy, single-story warehouses. Our brand values are colorfully anchored on our office walls; it’s a reminder for us to live and breathe them every day. These values extend past our brand and how we do our work to what we deliver to the world.

Be Curious
We are naturally interested in learning more about the world we live in. We approach topics and ideas-both old and new-with a sense of openness. We gravitate towards asking questions, learning new things, and exploring new ideas. We know Declara users are curious, too, and our Discover feature is perfectly suited to feed the part of our DNA that makes us ask, “Why?” and, “What else?”

Our engineers have leveraged the newest advances in machine learning to understand what you like and recommend what you’ll love. This means that users who work in similar professions but have different interests will see content that reflects what they’re most interested in. Visit your Discover page; we hope you’ll love what you find.

Be Passionate
Our interests and backgrounds come in different flavors, yet we’re united by our mission: to change the way the world learns. We’re using big data technology to intelligently connect people to each other and to ideas, unlocking endless possibilities. The sum of all human knowledge exists on the internet, but we need a better way to connect to the information and people who inspire us. Declara is open to everyone–providing access to a worldwide community of knowledge seekers and overachievers.

Declara lets you curate collections around what matters to you and find others who share the same interests. Enrich your collections by importing PDFs, videos, and articles from anywhere on the web and keep your entire knowledge bank in a single space. Use insights to highlight what you care about or see what others find important. Sharing insights and comments with others opens the door to enriching discussions. Declara can help you hone a skill, deepen your understanding of a certain topic, and link you to pros and mavericks of their fields.

One of Declara’s most popular collections is curated by our CEO, Ramona Pierson. You can learn from her Future of Learning and Web 3.0 here.

Be True
It’s essential that we stay true to ourselves and our mission. We know that dedication is needed in order for us to be successful. Part of that means being able to express ourselves freely–whether we’re brainstorming on our newest feature, providing or receiving feedback, or eyebrows-deep in solving the week’s biggest roadblock. It also means keeping our mission–to change the way the world learns–front of mind. We’re committed to our success, which means being committed to yours. In part, that’s giving you an avenue to create and publish your content. Skills aren’t mastered just by reading about it and when you have something to share, Declara’s Authoring tool will be waiting. There’s a beauty in self-expression, particularly when you’re passionate about the topic. Compose your own articles, add them to one of your collections, and share your genius with the world.

Do the Impossible
Our final value challenges each of us daily. There are many moments when we aren’t certain we can achieve the particular “impossible” facing us. During those times, we remember our commitment, we turn to each other, and we keep moving forward.

We don’t always feel like we’ve have “done the impossible.” Sometimes, we struggle with the “possible.” We are compelled to keep moving, because we believe when we work together and harness the power of collective intelligence, we can truly change the world.

Start flexing your intellectual muscle.