WASHINGTON, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Declara, Inc. announces that its CEO and Founder Ramona Pierson and Declara have been chosen by the White House to be among a select group to be showcased at the White House’s first-ever Demo Day on Tuesday, August 4th.

The Demo Day will celebrate the important role entrepreneurship plays in the U.S. economy. The event will emphasize why we need to give more entrepreneurs from all walks of life a chance to turn their ideas into indispensable products and services, and therefore drive the country’s innovation economy.

Declara uniquely fits into the White House Demo Day showcase. Declara’s leadership team is extremely diverse. Its innovative social learning technology supports STEM initiatives. In addition, Declara has demonstrated proven success at the national level in both Mexico and Australia. CEO and Founder Ramona Pierson was a U.S. Marine, and through more than 100 reconstructive surgeries made a comeback from a major accident that left her blind for 11 years. She founded Declara with the singular mission of changing the way the world learns.

“We at Declara are humbled to be among the select few innovations to be showcased at the White House’s first-ever Demo Day,” said Declara CEO & Founder Ramona Pierson. “Declara’s open knowledge engine enables every American and global citizen to up-level themselves, to reach their potential, and to be a catalyst in the innovation economy that the White House is encouraging.”

“GSV Capital is thrilled to partner with Declara as they address some of society’s greatest challenges and seek to make a lasting impact around the globe by innovating how learning happens,” said Mark Flynn of GSV Capital, Declara’s lead investor.

Declara is disrupting the learning space with an open knowledge and innovation platform powered by advanced analytic technology. It enables national governments to provide lifelong learning for knowledge workers, create new jobs, and foster entrepreneurship from among all facets of its citizenry.

In 2014, the largest professional association in Mexico began using Declara to enhance the professional development of all teachers. Backed by a powerful platform, educators were for the first time able meet and exceed government mandated professional learning competencies. Tens of thousands of educators across Australia are also using Declara to innovate approaches to learning.  The United States can be next.

“Declara is addressing a large and urgent need to make private and public sector professionals smarter and more productive, even in the face of exponentially increasing amounts and complexity of information,” notes Declara board member Matt Ocko of Data Collective.

“The work that Ramona Pierson and team are doing to enable collective intelligence for everyone is commendable and we’re ever so proud of the fact that the White House has recognized Declara’s open knowledge engine as key to the innovation economy,” adds Eva Ho of Susa Ventures.

The White House Demo Day will be held on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 and streamed live at whitehouse.gov/demo-day. The White House will be tweeting about the event from the @WhiteHouse and @WhiteHouseOSTP handles using the hashtag #WHDemoDay. Declara will be tweeting pre-, live-, and post-event from the @Declara handle using the same hashtag.

About Declara:
The Declara™ platform is an open knowledge engine that maximizes people’s potential. Built with big-data and CognitiveGraph® technology as its core, Declara uses advanced machine learning algorithms to personalize each user’s content feed so that it addresses their individual knowledge gap. Unlike traditional search- or newsfeed-based products where information is viewed and quickly lost, Declara enables you to collect, highlight, share, and collaborate on information about STEM, Nanotech, Advanced Health, Entrepreneurship, Science, or any other topic. We are available on the web or mobile, for both individual users and teams. Declara, Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and its investors include GSV Capital, EDBi, Data Collective, Catamount Ventures, Peter Thiel and Founders Fund, and Susa Ventures, among others. Learn more at Declara.com, like us on Facebook, and follow us onLinkedIn and Twitter.

Vamshi Sriperumbudur
CMO, Declara