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Declara has been very lucky this year. We’ve had the pleasure of working with three talented interns this summer and wanted to take a moment to share some of their internship experiences with you.

Katrine Prebensen found her internship with Declara through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program. She’s one year away from earning her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Arctic University of Norway, and has also authored this post on Declara.

The key thing Katrine’s learned from her internship: Startups are changing and adapting; they’re constantly improving. Teamwork and cooperation are necessary for these changes to result in progress.

What Katrine says about Declara: It’s a fun and engaging place to be. There’s a variety of people with different backgrounds, personalities, and skills. I like that I’m encouraged to pursue projects that I am interested in; I like having a say in how I can contribute.

How Katrine uses Declara: I use Declara to keep track of articles I’ve enjoyed. I use insights as a conversation starter. I enjoy discovering new articles to read, especially those I wouldn’t have thought to read myself.

A moment of culture shock: I am very intrigued by the American way of talking to everyone around. Americans are the best at small talk! When something is a bit out of the usual, people will literally stop you on the street to talk to you. Hence, it is extremely easy to go from strangers to friends here. For instance, my boyfriend and I struck up a conversation with a guy…we ended up staying in his garage for two nights! He is coming to visit us this fall–in Norway.

Mari C. Dahl also found her internship with Declara through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program. She’s in her fifth (and final) year studying business at the University of Agder, Norway.

The key thing that Mari has learned from her summer: I’ve learned about social media marketing and the importance of not only having users, but also having active users. I’ve learned how we as a company can engage our users. Communication is one of the most important things at a startup, since everything changes so fast. You don’t want to do yesterday’s work and by talking to each other, you’ll make sure you’re working on the right things.

What Mari says about Declara: It’s a fun and exciting company to work for. Something is always happening: events, dancing, app releases, discussions, dogs–and inspirational people and stories. I love that Declara tests things out, and if it doesn’t work, they change paths. I really love that there are dogs here. If you come into the office in a bad mood, it won’t take long before there’s a smile on your face.

How Mari uses Declara: I use Declara pretty much as it’s designed–to learn something new. I use insights for school, work, and personal learning. I share articles and collections with friends.

John Carlo Buenaflor is about to begin his junior year at Stanford University, where he’s studying Computer Science, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. When he’s not busy at Declara or cramming at Stanford, he enjoys weightlifting and cruising in his Mustang with the windows down.

The key thing that John Carlo has learned: I’ve learned the importance of being on my toes–to be adaptive and quick to change. Communication is really important, too; we all work in small teams that need to know what’s going on to accomplish great things.

What John Carlo says about Declara: It’s a lean startup. We achieve our goals through strategy and efficiency, while having fun too.

A thought on memorable moments: Those moments don’t often come to me in grand events, but rather, in the small details. I appreciate our daily conversations, sharing laughs, and giving each other advice. I am grateful to my co-workers for also being my mentors.

How John Carlo uses Declara: It’s not only great as a content aggregator, but also enhances interaction with the text through insights and community collaboration. My favorite collection is Super Human Productivity.