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A Case for Collaboration

More than three-quarters of employees would rather work on their own, according to a survey conducted by the University of Phoenix. Yet…group projects and team assignments are a reality of our lives as students and professionals alike, like it or not. Even... read more

Why Ancient Knowledge Will Save the Human Race

Thank you to James Stanbridge, Vice President at Declara, for authoring this blog post. You can read the full article here, but here is our reader’s digest version: James explains that the full title of his post should be: How Learning Together Will Reconnect Us... read more

Information Overload: Are Our Brains in Trouble?

“Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein 64% of American adults own a smartphone and 24% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something “they couldn’t live without.” Many of us sleep with our phones charging next to... read more

Interns Take On Declara

Declara has been very lucky this year. We’ve had the pleasure of working with three talented interns this summer and wanted to take a moment to share some of their internship experiences with you. Katrine Prebensen found her internship with Declara through the... read more

Behind Our Brand

We are a dream team of inventors, engineers, dog-lovers, bookworms, marketers, triathlon runners, gamers and lifelong learners. We come from more than twelve countries across four continents. We’ve worked at big companies as well as hundreds of startups around... read more

Declara at White House Demo Day

Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 10:17AM CST Watch videos from White House Demo Day. President Obama Praises Declara and CEO Ramona Pierson Declara demo for President Obama Tuesday, August 4, 2015, 10:29AM CST The White House will be streaming Demo Day live here; at... read more

How Declara is Changing the World

At the age of 22, Ramona Pierson was involved in a shattering accident that left her in a coma for 18 months and blind for 11 years. She had to relearn everything from breathing and smiling to walking and speaking. After Ramona’s arduous recovery, she devoted... read more