How it works

Smarter, faster discovery and collaboration

Today, you may use search engines, browser bookmarks, email, social sharing, cloud storage accounts, and even learning management systems to keep track of content that matters. What you’re likely left with is a disconnected web of content, fragmented conversations, and lost insights. With Declara, personalized access to content, communities, and people are unified in one, intelligent knowledge and collaboration platform that helps you reach your professional goals faster. Whether you’re an educator, entrepreneur, or team of software engineers, we connect you to the information and people that matter most.  


Declara provides a better way to discover the content that matters to you, your teams, and communities. Our proprietary CognitiveGraph™ engine uses semantic analysis and predictive analytics to generate your Learning Profile and power your personalized learning feed. The more it learns about what you find valuable, the more valuable it becomes in aiding your discovery of new content and insights.


Declara helps you collect content in a more meaningful way. Either you or our smart BOT can go out and access, curate, and store content into the collections you create. Whether it’s out on the web or in your organization’s private data stores, no content is out of reach. Our machine learning algorithms understand what you like and feed you the articles, collections, and insights that fit your interests.


Declara provides a highlighting tool to capture what you and others find meaningful. These “insights” can be stored, commented on, shared, and prioritized to help you better manage important information and engage with your teams and communities. They’re like CliffsNotes for modern content connoisseurs, helping you keep track of the parts that matter, spark discussions, and speed knowledge discovery.

Share & Discuss

Collaborate and converse right from the content that sparks the ideas. Share the snippets you find interesting via social media. Invite team members to your collections and have them add their own insights. Engage in real-time conversations via a persistent chat window that captures the transcript in context so you never lose the thread or miss an idea.

Take it with you

At the office, in the classroom, or out on the town, Declara supports knowledge discovery wherever you are. We’ve got iPhone and Android apps and a killer Chrome Extension to enable your quest for knowledge on your device of choice.